Video & Movie Editing

Our starting charge and video editing charge per original footage is as follows;
simple = $20 per hour
minor = $5 per minute
moderate = $10 per minute
major = $15 per minute
substantial = $20+ per minute

Third party charges are extra. You may review the first half (or smaller fraction) of our work before proceeding further. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total charge is required. The remaining 50% is due immediately upon completion. There is a $20 minimum fee for rush service (100% of this fee is due in advance).

We can give you a specific charge based on your answers to the below questions.
What is the…
1. deadline
2. format and length of original videos
3. length and format of original audio
4. format and number of images/slides
5. specific time point for each desired edit (i.e. 1 minute:30 seconds thru 1:45 mute background noise and 2:00 thru 2:10 make color correction)
6. length and number of motion graphics desired
7. length and type of animation desired
8. desired length and format of final video
9. example of completed video previously done by you or someone else


Our minimum charge is $10 per hour. A deposit is required.

All Services
Some customers desire to know our total charge. PayPal will calculate this total for you. After seeing your total charge, you may reset PayPal to zero. Then add 50% of each charge (where applicable) together. Then submit your remittance. Other customers desire to send a 100% remittance up front.

Our processing is done in the order which the full deposits are received. Priority is given to orders accompanied by a full rush order payment.

Payment can be made via PayPal or major charge card. You will received an immediate automatic notice from our PayPal account after your payment is made. You will receive an email notification from us within 8 business hours confirming your payment and estimated processing time. If you do not receive any of the 2 aforementioned notices, contact us with your payment information.

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