Hybrid SUV Rental at MPG Means Irresistible Variety for the Eco-Conscious

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No consumer’s tastes can’t be met by the all-green fleet at MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, July 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Now that America has begun to take an interest in the eco-friendly movement, the push for low-mileage, non-polluting cars has gone mainstream. But this is still America, and it would be impossible to market this movement if it were inevitable that every driver had to switch to a puny compact or an underpowered sedan. It’s a good thing the manufacturers have been long-sighted enough to supply the market with a wide selection of Hybrid SUVs in order to keep the variety and quality of green car rental choices tantalizing. At MPG Car Rental, the number one hybrid car rental agency in Los Angeles, these great big, but ecologically responsible, SUVs are one of the top rental items.

The Chevy brand has been one of the real unexpected champions of Green technology in the American market. The recently-released Chevy Volt brought American Engineering to the sensational and headline-grabbing style of cars known as plug-in hybrids. But long before there was ever such a thing as a hybrid car with an A/C adapter, Chevy introduced the Tahoe hybrid, which gave the Suburban or Yukon fan among us less of an excuse to guzzle all that gas. If you’re touring the Southern California Coast this summer, let the dual electric motors of the Tahoe Hybrid propel you to the beaches and mountains of the region.

But the Japanese got into the Hybrid SUV game as well, and MPG offers hybrid car rental for fans of new Lexus and Toyota models that are both large in size and in terms of saving gas. The Lexus RX450 and Toyota Highlander have shared DNA, as you may know, since Toyota is the parent company of Lexus, but these two could not be more different. The RX450 is the more conventional of the two, with regard to profile on the road. By most counts, the RX450 was also the first luxury hybrid in history, not just in the SUV category, but the first luxury hybrid of any kind. The Highlander on the other hand is much bigger, with ample carrying capacity. This is the type of car you can cart a whole extended family around in, and its electric mode has enough torque to give the gas-only Highlander a run for its money. Whichever you choose a luxurious and spacious, and eco-friendly ride is in store.

MPG has taken its glowing Internet reviews as a mandate to grow as a company. In addition to these SUVs, MPG Car Rental continues to carry the very latest in green automotive technology, like the new plug-in and compact Prius models along with future electric car rental, and more as it develops.

Stop by www.mpgcarrental.com for MPG Car Rental’s price information, news about the fleet, or to have your questions answered.

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