One major objective of nursing is being able to administer medications safely. In order to meet this objective, the student must know how to handle the dosing calculation or drug calculation of Medical Math. Patients’ safety depends on the practitioner’s ability to determine Medical Dosage Calculations correctly and in a timely manner. Trained Medical professionals such as Nurses, Doctors, Physicians, Pharmacists or Pharmacy Technicians, and Health Care Workers, must know how the I.V Drug Arithmetic and Pharmacology Arithmetic work. Dosage Calculations by weight, Statistics, Pediatric Dosage Calculations and Pharmaceutical Calculations are examples of this Math Arithmetic that is needed to be learned.

Nursing Math is a lot to take in but like I.V droplets, we can help you absorb this little by little. We offer tutorials to help you learn calculating dosages if you’re still studying and/or with your upcoming exams. We’ll make sure that Pre-Nursing Exams such as TEAS, NET, RNEE, and HESI Admission Assessment Exam or even NCLEX, HESI, MACE will be much painless and no sweat. We will provide assistance with Research and Statistics using Microsoft Excel for your reference, Capstone Projects to culminate academic and intellectual experiences, and a lot more. Online and In-person tutoring at Milwaukee, WI area communities is available. Now Pharmacy Math, Arithmetic, Stats and Dose Calculations will be as easy as pie! So don’t drown yourself on books alone, enroll with us now so your patients will be safer and healthier!

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