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Weekly Dietary Intake Forms

Are there any weekly dietary intake forms available? Most times we use a daily intake form. Frequently, we have patients who have special meals on a weekly basis. For example, a special meal on Friday for religious reasons; a party … Continue reading

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The News

Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines I absolutely love watching the local news but sometimes it makes me feel like I’m kind of in a bubble. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot going on in town and it’s … Continue reading

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President Obama is 50 years old this month

Happy birthday President Barack Obama. You are now 50 years old. I wish you health and prosperity. This a list of recommendations I have for all 50-year-old African American males. Actually this list is for African American males 45 through … Continue reading

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Age-related cataracts

Age-related cataract is a leading cause of vision loss. It is categorized by symptoms of a cloudy vision. There seems to be a film over the eyes as looking through a foggy or dirty window. Patients report seeing a glare … Continue reading

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