Congestive Heart Failure, comment

I agree that I never thought CHF was a curable disease. I also did not know that it could be an acute onset disease. The people I know of having CHF acquired it as an insidious onset that was secondary to another health diagnosis. I also like the example given by the MD to explain what is happening with the heart!Original PostOctober 28, 2010Title: Congestive Heart FailureCongestive heart failure has always been a mystery to me. When I first got into the health field I always thought congestive heart failure was incurable, but I may have to disagree now. When I have studied the stress the heart is under during this process and what is the source of the problem, it made sense that some practioners have been able to help poeple with this problem. I had an MD explain congestive heart failure to me by having me hold out my hand and make a fist, which represented a heart. Then he took both of his hands and tightly squeezed my fist and told me to try and open my hand. He stated this is what the heart is trying to work against every time it tries to push blood out. So really the heart has no room to expand and contract. He stated that it was the lymphatic system that was putting all this pressure around the heart. As a result we started to do lymphatic work on people who had congestive heart failure and got their lymphatic and adrenal systems running properly and we could see a clear difference in their quality of life. Can it be healed? I don’t know. But it can be helped.For Helpful Links and more information, click here.

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