Basic Pathology Textbooks

Basic Pathology 5th edition: An introduction to the mechanisms of disease.


Robbins Basic Pathology 9th edition

The Fifth edition of Basic Pathology is written by Sunil R. Lakhani, Caroline J. Finlayson, Susan A. Dilly, and Mitesh Gandhi. Robbins Basic Pathology is a book written by Vinay Kumar. Edited and arranged by an all-star editorial team, that will give you the knowledge you need to learn in pathology.

These books will give you scientific, historical, and clinical explanation of Pathology. We can easily learn the connection of basic science and clinical medicine that includes observable signs and symptoms and with the results of laboratory examination. So if you’re planning to study cancerous cells, why they appear or where they came from, these books will help you. Basic but reliable source of information. Click the books below for further details.


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