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Fight Against Abuse

Divorce Domestic Family Law Attorney Karen Winner Attorney/author/legal consumer advocate Karen is a passionate advocate/nationally acclaimed book author of the exposé: Divorced From Justice: The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges, published by Harper Collins, (1996). … Continue reading

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Skin, hair and nail assessment

Accurately and thoroughly assessing the clients skin condition is very important as the skin is the first line of defense in preventing infection and disease. When performing an initial and complete physical assessment the skin should be assessed in all … Continue reading

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Eczema, comment

We find that most of our patient have allergies as an etiology to their eczema. This is confirmed by skin testing and blood testing. After allergy treatments, our patients show partial or full clearing of their eczema. Original Post Eczema … Continue reading

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First, what is Eczema? (aka atopic dermatitis):  It is a chronic itching, inflammatory condition of the skin.  The skin is dry and hyperkeratotic.  There are multiple types of lesions involved and the scratching or rubbing of them leads to different … Continue reading

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Rosacea is a skin disorder commonly misdiagnosed. For many patients, rosacea begins as noticeable change in skin color, generally to one area of the face. For many rosacea sufferers, the symptoms often first become noticeable after spending extended periods in … Continue reading

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