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This summer, Canyon College (an online educational institution) received another accreditation. This means that students have more options on transferring and receiving class credits.

The following courses are eligible for barter. These include all the courses within the 2 links below and the 6 NHxxx courses below. You can enroll within both healthcare and non-healthcare classes. These courses are available for a limited time and limited number on barter. However, they are available indefinitely and for many with cash.

NH735 - Pathology & Disease States
NH765 - Naturopathic Health Care I
NH767 - Naturopathic Health Care II
NH770 - Naturopathic Health Care III
NH790 - Advanced Naturopathic Health Care Modalities
NH795 - The ND Practitioner's Role & Practice Issues
Continuing Education Units in Counseling and Nursing
Catalog for Home Based Business, Counseling, and Nursing

The tuition and fees (not the cost of books and supplies) are eligible for trade. Currently, TradeBank barter club and direct trades are accepted. Other trade club currencies may be accepted from time to time. You will not pay Canyon College your tuition payment.

When you determine your desired programs and classes, email for barter payment arrangements. Do not discuss barter arrangements with Canyon College. Ask about our refund and other policies.

You will receive barter credit for each new student. The new student must make his/her (barter and/or cash) payment in full and complete his/her course. The students must list you in the comment/referral section of their application.

You will receive your transcripts from Canyon College. USA and non-USA students are accepted.

If you do not see the course you desire, you may request Johnson and Associates to develop your course.
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