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Karen Winner

Attorney/author/legal consumer advocate

Karen is a passionate advocate/nationally acclaimed book author of the exposé: Divorced From Justice: The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges, published by Harper Collins, (1996). “What is in the best interest of the client”​ is deeply integrated into her practice as an attorney.
Legal practice areas:
truth in advertising/consumer fraud
legal protection and remedies re: elder abuse;
trademark, copyright issues
Investigation/analysis of deep facts;
torts (such as conversion);
FOIA requests;
prosecuting claims against attorneys who mishandle and harm their clients;
trouble-shooter in divorce cases;
personal lawyer services — power of attorney, simple contracts;

Advocates for people with invisible disabilities (such as PTSD) in court.
A former investigative reporter/researcher, Karen Winner specialized in the critical examination of divorce court systems, and found widespread misconduct by attorneys in New York divorce courts as former staffer for the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, Her report initiated the first-ever consumer protections against predatory lawyer practices in the New York courts. Karen Winner has appeared extensively in the media including CNN, Court TV, Inside Edition, The Today Show, Brian Lehrer, Diane Rehm, Joan Hamburg shows.

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